Updated: May 05, 2017
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The Gorgeous Nambu Ironware

A single kettle can become a piece of art under the master hands of Japanese craftsmen. At the moment, there are only about 20 traditional craftsmen of southern Ironworks.

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Everything has a wonder in this world, and kettles are no exception. They add great value to the traditional Japanese aesthetics. The wonder of Nambu Ironware lies in its traditional way of making this masterpiece.
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It was produced in Morioka city and Mizusawa city to the south in the 17th century. The development of metalworking has come up with a highly skilled work.
Manufacturing was prohibited at the time of World War II, and 150 craftsmen drastically declined.
After the war, the demand declined and the Nambu ironware declined, but since the iron kettle can take iron, it is reconsidered that the good impact on health is reviewed, and the value as a traditional craft is reviewed, it is difficult to get it now.
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Nowadays, this craft is still evolving and improving because people love the way it looks. A colorful Nambu ironware that has not existed in the past has been made and exported abroad. The interior is subjected to enamel finish so as not to rust, and this export specification is now being developed as a new Nambu ironware even for domestic use.
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And also along with Westernization of dietary life, things used for western style food are increasing.
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It is said that the taste of tea inside this kettle is beyond this world.
Let's get one.
Japanese food!!!!

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