Updated: May 04, 2017
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The Oldest Castle In Japan

Japan is definitely full of castles all over the country. Some may wonder which one is the oldest. So here is the answer.

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Sometimes we are fascinated by the artistic architectures of our ancestors. They put a big deal and a great effort in every specific detail. Japanese castle is a building built in preparation for war, but it is beautifully and functional, craftsmanship is gathered.

Which Is Oldest Castle?

Inuyama Castle is said to be one of the oldest castles. The authentic construction of the Inuyama Castle is a live example for the oldest castle in Japan that was completed in 1537.
However, Maruoka Castle is also said to be the oldest castle in Japan. What does this mean?
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Inuyama Castle was the first building of the castle, but there was no "Tenshu (Castle Tower)" at that time in 1469. It was relocated to the present place in 1537 and Tenshu was expanded by Mitsuyoshi Ishikawa in 1594. Expansion of this castle had continued until they built and completed the donjon in 1612. It was considered also the center of power for the rulers in that Inuyama area.
(It is believed also according to some historians that the watchtower still exists from the past and is considered the oldest one. )
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On the other hand, Maruoka Castle was built in 1576.
Construction will be after Inuyama castle, but Maruoka castle is older as a castle with a castle tower from the beginning.
Therefore, Maruoka Castle is also said to be the oldest castle.
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The current Inuyama Castle's Tenshu was remodeled in the early Edo period. It is said that the first and second floor is the Muromachi period, the third and fourth floor is the architecture of the Edo period.
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However, Maruoka Castle collapsed during the Fukui earthquake of 1943, and the current Tenzoku-kaku is rebuilt that used the old material.
As a result, Inuyama castle is a National Treasure, Maruoka castle is an important cultural property.
However, there are no doubt that they are both wonderful castles!
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