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Mysterious Vale Of Ashoro - Akan! [PR]

Ashoro is region richly endowed with nature. Lake Onneto in the Akan in a national park, it is also famous as one of the Hokkaido three major beautiful lake. "Rawanbuki" is giant butterbur. You will surprise when you see the larger butterbur than people!

Giant Butterbur "Rawanbuki"

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Ashoro, which is situated between Lake Akan and Tokachi is home to Rawanbuki, a type of giant butterbur that grows taller than humans!
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This plant is one of the many Natural Heritages of Hokkaido, and will will instantly transport you to the world of Totoro.

Lake Onneto

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On the way to Lake Akan, we will take a short detour to Lake Onneto, which changes color every day, depending on the sunlight.
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The serene beauty of the lake, and the path through the thick forest can be likened to that of a path leading to paradise on earth, and lives up to its name as a traditional unexplored region.

The Lake Akan Ice Aisu Akan Fuyu Hanabi Festival

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The Lake Akan Ice Aisu Akan Fuyu Hanabi Festival provides visitors with an opportunity to eat smelt Tempura, drink Amazake and cut the thick ice with a saw! You can also receive a diploma for your experiences!
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Experience a winter day in Hokkaido on the frozen lake, and then you will understand why soaking in the hot springs is so wonderful!

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