Updated: February 03, 2017
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The Traditional Japanese Wooden Doll “Naruko Kokeshi”

Despite its simple and horror look, these dolls are in fact a piece of arts.

The Wooden Doll “Naruko Kokeshi”

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Family is the base to build a successful society. The idea of this simple wooden toy Naruko Kokeshi applies the same distinguished rule.
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It is an extraordinary work of art with human-like shape and meant to be fashionable and stylish. It has wide shoulders and a dense torso, and is painted and decorated with a fringe to visualize the distinctive supreme achievement of this toy. These dolls were appointed as traditional crafts in 1981.
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Therefore, if you intend to visit the regions around the Naruko Spa in Naruko-cho, Miyagi prefecture, you should go and buy these wonderful masterpieces.

This is how it's made.

Cuter Kokeshi

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There are smaller and cuter kokeshi. They are suitable for the souvenirs when you visit Japan. Also available in the website blow.
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