Updated: April 14, 2017
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5 Okinawan Cuisine Everyone Should Try

Okinawa cuisine is separate from Japanese mainland, making its cuisine differ considerably from typical Japanese dishes.

Have you ever traveled to Okinawa before? If you have, you might have noticed the Okinawan cuisine is very different from typical Japanese food. Okinawan cuisine has a high reputation for healthiness and contributes to longevity. Here is 5 Okinawa dishes and alcohol everyone should try.

1.Soki Soba (or Okinawa Soba)

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Soki soba is Okinawan style noodles. Soki is stewed rib pork in Okinawa. Although it is named "そば(Soba)", the type of noodles is different from "蕎麦(Soba)", it is made with the almost same recipe as Chinese noodles.
Soup is a lot of blend of pork and katsuo(bonito) dashi. You can enjoy a distinctive taste different from udon and ramen.
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If you like spicy foods, please try eating it with Koregusu (spicy seasoning in Okinawa)!

2. Champuru

"Champuru" refers to the Okinawan cuisine which fried vegetables and tofu. That word is dialect of Okinawa, there is a meaning like "mixture".
Well-known things are Goya champuru and Somin champuru.
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Goya champuru is fried vegetables containing goya, scrambled eggs, chunks of spams, and Okinawan tofu. Goya contains a lot of vitamin C and tastes bitter but it has an addictive taste.
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Somin champuru is fried somin(thin wheat noodles), vegetables and pork. By the way, Somin is a Okinawa's word, mainland say "Somen".

3. Awamori

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Awamori is strong liquor made from indica rice.
It is said that how to make awamori was told from abroad. Currently, it is thought that technology to make distilled alcohol in Ryukyus has been transmitted through Southeast Asian route, Fujian route, these two roads.

4. Sata Andagi

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Sata andagi is a chunk of deep fried doughnut ball, which is very popular in Okinawa. It tastes like a deep fried doughnut yet without any sugar coating and a hole. It’s slightly sweet and delicious.
It is said that it is an auspicious sweet which was transmitted from China.

5. Rafute

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Rafute is Okinawan glazed pork which is stewed in soy sauce and brown sugar. Rafute is originally from a form of Royal Okinawan Royal Cuisine.
It is said that Rafute was also introduced from China during the Ryukyu dynasty.
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Okinawa cuisine has developed unique development different from Japanese cuisine. Besides the dishes introduced this time, there are various good dishes. Recently there are many Okinawa cuisine restaurants in mainland, so why try once to go?
Japanese food!!!!

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