Updated: November 15, 2016
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5 Advanced Ways To Eat Strawberries In Japan

Strawberries seem to appear everywhere in Japan. Wanna try different styles of this cutely sweet fruit? Many places in Japan grow strawberries, so you can rest assured that the strawberries here are of excellent quality.

1) Strawberry sandwiches

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Easily found in convenience stores, these sandwiches consist of plump and juicy strawberries paired with whipped cream. A hearty concoction you must try!

2) Ichigo ame (candied strawberries)

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Enhance your enjoyment of Japanese matsuri (festivals) by scouting for ichigo ame at the food stalls. Strawberries coated in sugar candy double the sweetness and eating pleasure!

3) Strawberry chocolate

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Snack lovers will love the Meiji Apollo Strawberry Chocolate Cones that come in delicious bite-sized treats. Containing a layer of milk chocolate topped with a layer of strawberry-flavored white chocolate, they melt oh-so-tantalizingly in your mouth.

4) Strawberry kakigori (shaved ice)

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Cool yourself down with this ingenious combination of shaved ice served with condensed milk and stewed strawberries during summer time. Perfect way to satisfy your need for icy-cold stuff.

5) Strawberry ramen

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Ramen chefs love coming out with exotic flavors, so it's not surprising that some shops offer strawberry ramen. Be prepared for a deeply savory and comforting feast, with the strawberries and cream paste adding an interesting taste dimension to the salty ramen stock.
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Japanese food!!!!

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