Updated: April 14, 2017
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5 Ridiculously Delicious Ways To Eat Sweet Potato In Japan

Besides potato, sweet potato is also favored in Japan and can be enjoyed in lots of styles.

5 Ridiculously Delicious Ways To Eat Sweet Potato In Japan

Introduced to Japan in the 16th century, satsumaimo (sweet potatoes) is a reddish-purple vegetable that delights your palate with its sweet, yellow flesh. You can enjoy satsumaimo in these 5 ways:

1) Satsumaimo salad

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Satsumaimo's earthy fragrance makes it yummy simply steamed. Pair it with boiled carrots seasoned with salt, sugar and butter and douse mayonnaise all over it to derive a creamy divineness!

2) Satsumaimo gratin

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A good source of dietary fibre, satsumaimo keeps you feeling full for a long time. Try it in gratin form: mix pumpkin and satsumaimo cubes with milk and butter, add cottage cheese and Parmigiano cheese and bake the resulting mixture. Your taste buds will surely appreciate the flavorful sensation.

3) Satsumaimo milk from unagiimo

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This is a specialty dessert hailing from Shizuoka. It is highly recommended as a souvenir, for it tastes even sweeter than ordinary satsumaimo, and for unagi (sea eel) is used to grow the sweet potatoes!

4) Ikinari dango

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Eat ikinari dango (easy-to-made dumplings), a signature Kumamoto delicacy with relish. They contain sweet potato chunks richly infused with red bean paste, so they make for a hearty feast!

5) Sweet potato dessert

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Called suito poteto in Japan, this delightful dessert is made by stuffing satsumaimo mashed with butter, eggs, sugar, milk and cinnamon into a small tartlet dish and baking it until it turns brown on top. Taste-wise, it resembles an American pumpkin pie filling, so try it out for yourself!
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