Updated: October 19, 2016
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4 Ridiculously Delicious Ways To Eat Potatoes In Japan

Various delicious styles can be enjoyed with potatoes.

4 Ridiculously Delicious Ways To Eat Potatoes In Japan

Potatoes are an integral part of the Japanese diet. What dishes do you then create with these tasty potatoes? From salads to ramen, the possibilities are endless, so read on to find out 4 such ways.

1) Potato salad

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Eating salad is good for your health, so tuck into Japanese potato salad. A heavenly combination of mashed potatoes, cucumbers and carrots seasoned with mayonnaise and rice vinegar, it satisfies your hunger and nourishes your body!

2) Nikujaga (meat and potatoes)

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Meat lovers will surely enjoy meltingly tender nikujaga, which is beef and potatoes simmered in soy sauce. This dish is so integral to the lives of Japanese people that some men ask their girlfriends if the latter can make nikujaga well. An affirmative yes will indicate that she will be a great wife!

3) Niseko potato ramen

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Ramen is the soul food of the Japanese. At Niseko Ramen Kazahana, a nationally acclaimed ramen shop in Hokkaido, you will get the rare chance to partake in a gorgeously creamy and fluffy bowl of potato ramen!

4) Potato chips

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With a wide array of flavors ranging from wasabi and soy sauce to consommé and nori seaweed vying for your palate, eating potato chips is a journey of savory discovery in Japan! So be sure to buy Calbee and Koikeya potato chips.
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