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Kushiro: Ranked As One Of The Three Most Beautiful Sunsets In The World [PR]

Beautiful relaxing sunset and nature in Kushiro in Hokkaido is waiting for you!


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Kushiro which is well known as tourist spot in Hokkaido.
The Kushiro Marshland, famous for japanese cranes.
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Enjoy nature walks in Kushiro National Park, you can enjoy a canoe in the Kushiro River, which flows through the park.
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Such as in the Kushiro city Kushiro sunset or mist, you can explore the history of Kushiro while experiencing the spot to touch the mystery of nature. Historic buildings also many, is also recommended city walks.

Beautiful Sunsets

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It is said that Kushiro became famous for its sunsets when the foreign ships began to arrive in Kushiro after WW2, and the sailors were awed by the beautiful sunset and surrounding scenery. Whether or not this beautiful scenery will rate as high in your heart's standards is unknown, but worth a glance.

Japanese-style Pork Cutlet Spaghetti

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When you get tired of dining on seafood in Eastern Hokkaido, try Japanese-style pork cutlet spaghetti for a change.This is local soul food you don't want to miss!

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