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Otaki Ice Stalagmite Mysterious Ice Caves Lake Shikotsu Stream Canoeing [PR]

For those of you who would love to see the unusual natural wonders that appear in the Moomin stories, you must head for Otaki in Date, Hokkaido!

Otaki Ice Stalagmite

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The snowy fields to the caves provide a spectacular view of Mt. Usuzan and Mt. Showa Shinzan, and once you set foot inside of the forest, the only sound you will hear is the sound of your snowshoes as they glide across the snow. 2.5 meters into the forest, and you will see what appears like the mouth of a shark.
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If you look carefully, you will see numerous ice icicles hanging from the top, and ice stalagmite on the bottom, indicating that Otaki Hyakujo Jiki Cave is near! You will be surprised at how much the ice resembles Moomin!
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Please be sure to follow the guide and take care not to break or damage the ice stalagmite that was formed over a period of 100 years!

Lake Shikotsu

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During the summer visitors can canoe down the Chitose River near Lake Shikotsu.
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The course is easy enough for beginners, and the clear water is so breathtakingly beautiful, that you will want to stay and live on Lake Shikotsu forever.

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