Updated: October 09, 2015
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11 Japanese Foods That Are Guaranteed To Make Your Mouth Water

It looks really delicious!! We pick up only yummy Japanese food!! Check out them! Have you ever tried these 11 yummy Japanese food? If not, you have to try as soon as possible! >>> http://wasa-bi.com/topics/239

#1 Sushi

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The most famous Japanese food is Sushi. I love Sushi.

#2 Sukiyaki

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Sukiyaki is a Japanese hot pot dish. Japanese people love Sukiyaki so much!

#3 Tenpura

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Tenpura is one of popular Japanese dish that fry seafood and vegetables. Especially I love shrimp tempura.

#4 Japanese Noodle Soba

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Soba is Japanese noodle that is made of special flour. If you eat Soba, you can live longer like noodle!

#5 Meat and Potato Stew Niku-Jaga

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Niku-Jaga is Japanese home cusine that include beef, potato, onion... NIku means beef and Jaga means potato. It's awesome!

#6 Yakitori

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Yakitori is Japanese style grilled chicken. Yakitori goes really well with beer!

#7 Okonomiyaki

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Okonomiyaki is Japanese style pancake. The taste is salty-sweet. We can make ourselves at the party.

#8 Somen

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Somen looks like Soba. But somen is more thin than Soba. We eat Somen in Especially summer. It's really cool.

#9 Shabu-shabu

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Shabu-shabu is Japanese dish that boil the beef in water. We eat Shabu-shabu in winter.

#10 Tonkatsu

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Tonkatsu is Japanese style deep-fried pork cutlet. Tonkatsu goes well with shredded cabbage!

#11 Takoyaki

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Takoyaki is Japanese dish that is in the shape of little round balls. Cooking Takoyaki is really fun!
Have you ever tried these 11 yummy Japanese food? If not, you have to try as soon as possible!
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