Updated: May 02, 2016
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The Center Of Japanese Lacquered Chopsticks: Wakasa

Do you know there are a few types of chopsticks in Japan? The authentic ones are called nuri-bashi. And Wakasa is the place that produces about 80% of it. Let's check the details about the chopsticks.

Nuri-bashi(塗り箸) / Lacquered Chopsticks

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In Japan, chopsticks can be categorized by what they are made of. The most common ones are wooden lacquered chopsticks called nuri-bashi. However, plastic chopsticks are becoming more popular because of its price. Plastic one are cheaper than wooden ones.

It is said that lacquered chopsticks have been used for more than 500 years in Japan. It's definitely the authentic and traditional style of Japanese chopsticks.

Wakasa-nuri chopsticks

Wakasa is a small city in Fukui prefecture. One of the famous thing of Wakasa is its lacquerware manufacture, called Wakasa-nuri. Not only chopsticks, Wakasa creates a variety of lacquered crafts, but the chopsticks are the most famous crafts of Wakasa. About 80% of Japanese lacquered chopsticks are made in Wakasa. Not all of them are the top qualities, but more like for daily use.
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Wakasa chopsticks are decorated with seashells, eggshells or other decorations, and lacquered for coloring. And lacquered again and again hundreds of times, and then resurfaced and dyed in a process that takes about a year to be done. Basically, only one craftsman performs the all process.

The comfort touch in the hand marks the appeal of Wakasa chopsticks. These are practical products that stand up well to heat and moisture. While they are robust, it can also be said that they have a beauty like a work of art. Diners will certainly enjoy Japanese cuisine eaten with lacquered chopsticks, a tradition of Japanese culture.

Make your own chopsticks in Japan

There are some places where you can decorate the chopsticks as you like. One in Wakasa, there is a museum of Wakasa lacquerware. If you go there, you can experience a process of making chopsticks.

Here is a video that shows how it is. This one is in Hokkaido, though.

Want to get Wakasa chopsticks?

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Here is a website that sells lots of different Wakasa chopsticks. The price varies from about 10USD to 100USD. Why not check out?
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