Updated: April 13, 2016
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5 Beautiful Driveways You Should Go In Japan

Have you traveled by car when you are abroad? If you like driving, you have to drive in Japan! There are so many beautiful spots you should visit by car in Japan. It's easy to rent a car if you're worried about it.

#1 Fuji Skyline in Yamanashi

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You can see Mt.Fuji from a lot of places even from Tokyo, but the closer the better, right? It'll be an amazing drive!
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#2 Chirihama Driveway in Ishikawa

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Chirihama is a long beach in Ishikawa which you can drive along. Don't miss the sunset if you go there.
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#3 Hokkaido Route 889 in Hokkaido

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Everywhere you see on the road, it's just all greens! You can find wildlife like deers or foxes if you get lucky.
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#4 Tsunoshima Bridge in Yamaguchi

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It's a famous bridge in Japan. There's no options to reach this bridge except for cars.
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#5 Nichinan Phenix Road in Miyazaki

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Miyazaki is in the south island of Japan(Kyushu). So, if you want to visit this place, you should drive from Fukuoka, which is the biggest city in Kyushu.
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Smart way to rent a car in Japan

Did you get interested in any of the places? Then, why not plan to visit Japan? You should make a reservation for a rental car if you want to drive in Japan. Here's a car rental website we recommend.

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