Updated: June 02, 2016
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3 Things You Will Experience If You Travel In Japan By Car

Have you driven a car abroad? If not, Japan would be a good place to travel by car. There are some unique things you can experience Japanese culture only by driving.

#1 Driving on the left

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Japan is one of the left-driving country. So you seat on the right when you drive. If you drive on the right in your country, I think it'd be an interesting experience. You might feel nervous at first especially when you turn left.

#2 Safety

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It also depends on your country, but you will probably feel that Japanese people drive very safely. They don't really speed, use a horn, and they keep a safe distance from other cars. There are so many traffic lights, and roads are narrow. You might feel frustrated by too safe and civilized driving of Japanese.

#3 Rest areas

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Rest areas in Japan are very fascinating and getting popular. Some big ones can be a destination themselves. It's because they sell local souvenirs, local specialties, and local food. You should look up which one is the popular one before you go on a highway.

How to rent a car in Japan

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To drive a car in Japan, you have to rent it. Here is a very helpful website to rent a car. All you have to do is follow the instructions in the page.

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