Updated: May 17, 2016
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Takeshi Nishimura: One Of The Best Craftsmen In Japan

Here we would like to introduce one of the most skillful craftsman in Japan. His name is Takeshi Nishimura, known as a Yuzen Chokoku artist. He respects the traditional Japanese craftworks, but also tries to creates new style of products.


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Yuzen is a way of dyeing clothes which is traditionally handed down from Edo period(1603-1868). Kyoto is a famous place for Yuzen. And chokoku means "carving".

How are dyeing and carving related each other?
In Yuzen dyeing, carved paper patterns are used to design the clothes for kimono or other products.
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These are the examples of Yuzen dyeing clothes.

Takeshi Nishimura

Takeshi Nishimura is the top craftsman in yuzen chokoku. His technique of paper carving is literally amazing. By using the skills of Yuzen Chokoku, Nishimura creates arts of Japanese traditional patterns, landscapes patterns, or portrays which inspires a feeling of “a warm heart”, ”comfort”, or “a hear of Japanese”.

And he started creating not only simple paper patterns for Yuzen but daily use products with the skill of Yuzen Chokoku.


Product 01 2 nishimura-yuzen-chokoku.com
You can see the original new designs of the Nishijin fabric, born in the land of Kyoto. This tumbler can be seen as a visual representation of Kyoto.
Product 02 1 nishimura-yuzen-chokoku.com
A wallet with Yuzen traditional patterns which gives peace of mind for your daily life

Komorebi / 木灯

Product 12 t nishimura-yuzen-chokoku.com
This lantern, named Komorebi, is the new product of Nishimura. The lantern is crafted from a cedar sheet of Kyoto.

Each piece creates a unique design and the patterns are spontaneously imagined in relation with wood’s veins.

This project is realized with the collaboration of the designer Elodie Stephan.

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