Updated: May 17, 2016
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Japanese Hand-Made Lantern Gives You Comfort And Warmth

The lantern, named Komorebi, is crafted from a cedar sheet of Kyoto. The engraving is realized by hand by a master artisan of Japan. This will definitely gives you comfort and warmth in your heart.


Retina komorebi
The lantern, named Komorebi, is crafted from a cedar sheet of Kyoto. The engraving is realized by hand by Nishimura yuzen-chokoku, a master artisan. Each piece creates a unique design and the patterns are spontaneously imagined in relation with wood’s veins. This project is realised with the collaboration of the designer Elodie Stephan.

If you have this lantern at your home, the warm and soft light would relax your heart in the dark.

Takeshi Nishimura

Retina nishimura
Takeshi Nishimura engraves paper patterns to make various traditional Japanese clothing and accessories. Depending on a method of dyeing or the usage of the clothing, sometimes it is necessary to make a few to several or hundreds of paper patterns for clothing.

By using the skills of that, Takeshi Nishimura creates arts of Japanese traditional patterns, or portrays which inspire a feeling of "a warming heart", "comfort", or "heart of Japanese".

Elodie Stephan

Elodie stephan http://www.elodiestephan.com/
Elodie Stephan develops artistic and conceptual projects transposed in the imagination of "natural cities" of tomorrow. A through aesthetic and functional features for users, Elodie Stephan seeks to restore harmony between the natural and human elements in their environments.

The concepts it offers are unique, customized and make sense with the scene. This quest for roots leads the designer and shoot wearing an unusual look at the existing.

Want to buy the lantern?

Komorebi2 1024x1024 http://goo.gl/LNeJ2s
If you are interested in the lantern. You can make a purchase from the link below. Why not light new life with the lantern?

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