Updated: August 19, 2017
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5 Ways To Use Sensu In Japanese Way

I'm sure you've seen sensu before. Sensu is a Japanese folding fan which is a folding fan in Japanese. Sensu is a very popular souvenir for foreign tourists because there are many kinds of beautiful ones.

#1 Cooling yourself

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Of course, this is the right way to use sensu. It's very useful to carry in your bag. You can actually see people using sensu in summer in Japan. Not so many people use it, though.

You can also use sensu to cover yourself from the sunlight when it's too strong.

#2 Hiding your mouth

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Have you seen the act of hiding the mouth before in a Japanese movie or anime? This is because showing teeth isn't considered as good manner in the past.
Even in this era, some ladies hide their teeth when they laugh with their hand not sensu.

#3 Rakugo

There are some traditional performances which sensu is used in it. Rakugo is one of them. Rakugo-ka(story teller) tells a story they usually have sensu to describe the story or action better.

Here's a video of rakugo in English.

#4 Throwing

There is a traditional game of throwing sensu to hit a target. It's called Tosenkyo which is played by two people throwing sensu in turns and compete the points they get. This game isn't just about hitting the target. There are 54 patterns of getting points depending on the positions of the sensu, target and small table after throwing.

#5 Hitting somebody

If you have played a video game Nintendo Smash Bros, you know the item called Harisen, the white not useful one, yea the one you always throw immediately.
That is a type of sensu invented to hit somebody. It has no historic background. Just a comedian invented and it became so popular somehow. It funny to hit with Harisen because it doesn't really hurt and makes a good sound when you hit.

Do you want a beautiful one?

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How do you want to use sensu if you have it now? For #1 and #2, I think designs are very important.

If you are interested, check out our shopping website "JapaneseGoods.jp". We have some beautiful and unique folding fans.
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