Updated: May 30, 2016
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5 Things To Do In Harajuku - Tokyo Master

Even though there are so much more fun you can find in Harajuku where Japanese latest pop culture is born, I introduce five things you don't want to miss in Harajuku.

#1 Go to Takeshita Street

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Takeshita Street is the main street of Harajuku, which has many pop and trendy shops. One of the things I recommend is eating crepe there. There are some famous crepe shops on the street. Also, you should go to the shop called "Calbee Plus". Calbee is a famous snack company in Japan. In this store, you can buy fresh-fried potato chips and such.

#2 Relaxing in Yoyogi Park

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Yoyogi Park is one of the biggest park in Tokyo, which always has a lot of people. It's like a Japanese version of Central Park. In hanami(cherry blossom) season, the park is full of people. There are almost every weekend some kinds of events happening in the park. Grab some booze and go to Yoyogi park!

#3 Visit Meiji Shrine

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Meiji Shrine(Meiji Jingu) is the Shinto shrine that is dedicated to the deified spirits of Emperor Meiji and his wife, Empress Shōken. The shrine does not contain the emperor's grave, which is located at Fushimi-momoyama south of Kyoto. Meiji Shrine is just next to Yoyogi Park, so it's good to visit before or after going Yoyogi Park.

#4 Shop clothes

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Harajuku is the place of shopping! Even just window shopping is so much fun because there are so many unique clothing shops.There are even shopping malls which only have cloth shops inside. Maybe, you can recognize the fashion style of Harajuku is a little different from one in other places. You may also find fashion models there. The shop you should go is "6%DOKIDOKI". This shop is maybe the one you believe what kawaii fashion is I guess.

#5 Check kawaii characters goods

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There are many shops that sell character goods like keyholders and such. In the one called "Kiddy Land", there are a lot of popular Japanese characters' items such as Hello Kitty, and Rilakkuma. Also, there is a character shop of LINE, the most used chat app in Japan. You should check out those unique goods shops.

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