Updated: July 04, 2016
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Here's How To Find Local People's Favorite Restaurants In Japan

How do you usually look for restaurants when you travel? If you're tired of commercial information from guide books or tripadvisor, it's good to know this service. You can ask local people for delicious information.

Local people know the best

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If you like traveling, you probably know how difficult to find good restaurants somewhere you are new. It's easy to find expensive or touristic ones. But that's not always what we want.
When we try to find local and less touristic places by ourselves, it'd probably end up eating basic and boring food. Why don't we ask local people then? They must know the places! From sushi to Tempura!


Rotip is a web service which you can ask local people for gourmet information. What you have to do is just put what, where and when you are going to eat. And the list of the locals will show up, so decide who to ask.
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You can see the profile of the local people and what kind of restaurants they know. After you get the information from someone you choose, you can ask him/her to make a reservation for you if you need. What's more, you can ask to eat together!
So if you live in Japan for some reasons, it'd be so helpful to find good restaurants and buddies to hangout.
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How the service was born

Shota Kouhi, the CEO of Livebase, made Rotip because he felt existing mass promotions are not the best way for restaurants' owners. That motivated him to make the best way for both customers and restaurants, and Rotip was born.

Why not use Rotip?

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Rotip will give you a totally new experience. If you have a chance to travel in Japan, you should try Rotip!

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