Updated: July 01, 2016
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3 Benefits Of Buying Antique Kimono In Japan

Have you ever thought about buying kimono? Actually, kimono are very expensive as you imagine if they are new. Antique kimono are recommended for many reasons!

#1 Price

Although it really depends, you can definitely find antique kimono at a good price. While most new kimono cost at least 200,000 yen(about 2,000 USD), the price of antique kimono ranges from 5,000 yen to 50,000 yen(about 50-500 USD).

You can easily find antique kimono shop in Tokyo, Osaka, or Kyoto. Also, some online shops sell antique kimono abroad.

#2 Design

What is good about antique kimono is its design! You can even find kimono that is made more than 70 yeas ago. Those ones usually have a little different style of design from modern ones.

Once before, kimono used to be worn as a daily outfits, so the designs are not too flashy unlike modern ones. Of course there are modern ones which are not so flashy, but the price is quite high because there's not many demands any more.

#3 Material

These days, many kimono are made of chemical materials and dyes because they are made in factories. However, you can get natural material and handmade kimono in antique shops. Such kimono are actually not so cheap, but still cheaper than new ones.

If you want to buy authentic kimono, antique ones are recommended!

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