Updated: July 11, 2016
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3 Best Tips When You Miss The Last Train

Oops, the last train is gone now! If you have ever lived or traveled in Japan and missed the last train, you might experience such a shocking moment. Is the fun time over or not? Here are 3 things to do when you miss the last train.

#1 Go and Find "Another" Bar!

The most typical thing to do is to go and find another bar which opens till the dawn.
But if only you have your energy and strength left!
The tricky part is that your energy is dwindling as the time goes by and close to the dawn.
Then you might start thinking about #2 and #3 as you experience great fatigue as the time passes and tired of food and drinks.
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#2 Go Karaoke!

The fun time is not over yet.
Missing the train may be just an overture to the way to the mid night Karaoke party, perhaps.
You can drink a little bit more and may have a fun night life with friends.
If you don't mind the noise, you may fall asleep there.
The peak of fatigue is 3 to 4 AM.
If you can hold on and overcome your drowsiness and fatigue, you can rush to the first train to go home!
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#3 Go Manga and Internet Cafe (Mankitsu) !

You might want to shut yourself down and be alone at somewhere quiet.
Then Manga and Internet Cafe called Mankitsu is the place where you can peacefully wait for the first train.
You may start to read your favorite manga, watch TV or surf the internet on the cozy chair.
Of course you can take a nap till the first train opens.
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