Updated: July 07, 2016
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Let's Visit Local Shopping Streets In Tokyo - Sugamo Shotengai

In Japan, there are many local shopping streets called "shotengai(商店街)". The number of shotengai is actually decreasing there days, but there are still lots of amazing shotengai in Japan! Sugamo is one them.

Local shopping streets

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There are more than 10,000 local shopping streets called shotengai in Japan.
However, the number of shotengai is actually decreasing there days because more people go to bigger shopping areas or malls.

But some shotengai succeeded in attracting even more people than before. The key of their success is inbound customers. For foreign tourists, historical and unique spots like shotengai are more attractive than quite new shopping areas.

More and more tourists visit local shotengai to enjoy shopping or just browsing.

Sugamo area

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Photo by George Alexander Ishida Newman

Sugamo shotengai is one of the most famous shotengai in Tokyo. There are many elderly people living in Sugamo area, and Sugamo area is known as Grandma's Harajuku.

The people in Sugamo are not just old, but knowledgeable(some are maybe just old...).
Also there is a temple which has a famous Jizo(Japanese stoned statue) called Togenuki Jizo.

Shops in Sugamo shotengai

There are many interesting shops in Sugamo shotengai.
One of them is Tokiwa Shokudo(ときわ食堂) which is a homemade dish restaurant.

You can enjoy the Japanese homemade food in Tokiwa Shokudo. The hospitality of the restaurant is also pretty well. The interior design is just like a old Japanese house, which is very relaxing.
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Another shop you should go in Sugamo is Maruji. The most popular product of the shop is red brief pants.
There are many different red briefs in this shop. Since it's very popular, they have opened their fourth shop!
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Photo by Marufish
This video will give you a more specific idea of Sugamo!


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