Updated: August 14, 2016
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5 Common Sushi Trivias: How Many Do You Know?

There are many kinds of sushi in Japan. The most common is nigiri, and you might have ever seen ones before. However, here are 5 common sushi trivias you might not know yet.

#1 Kaiten Sushi Or Sushi-Go-Round

Usually and traditionally, the sushi is served at the counter table, face to face.
Or a waiter comes at the table to take orders.
Yet, Kaiten Sushi also known as Sushi-Go-Round is very popular in Japan.
The Sushi are placed on a rotating conveyor belt and move past each table.
All you have to do is to pick up whatever you like to eat.
The final bill is based on the number of plates of the sushi you ate.
Since the chefs roll the sushi within the belt, you can make special orders as well.
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#2 Chirashi Zushi Or Scattered Sushi

Chirashizushi or Scattered Sushi is served on plates with colorful toppings such as various sea food, thinly sliced omelette, nori seaweed, etc.
It's easy to cook at home and very fun to eat, so it's usually served on a special day such as one's birthday and Japanese girl's festival on March 3rd.
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#3 Inari Zushi

Inarizushi is a kind of sushi or rice ball.
Sushi rice is stuffed in seasoned Aburaage tofu pouches (deep-fried bean bags).
Inarizushi is not served on a typical sushi restaurant since it's very casual and best for picnic lunch.

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#4 Temakizushi Or Hand-Rolled Sushi

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Temakizushi is also known as hand-rolled sushi because it's made of sushi rice and seaweed sheet called nori.
The cone shaped sushi roll looks elegant yet it's very easy to make at home since all you need to prepare is sushi rice, any seafood that you like and seaweed sheets.
It sounds also yummy to add some fillings such as Spicy Beef, Teriyaki Chicken, Mayonnaise, Salmon, Avocado, etc!

#5 Sushi Without Any Raw Seafood

As you might have ever enjoyed some sushi without any raw seafood, there are various kinds of sushi without seafood.
For some people who love sushi but not raw fish, this type of sushi can be great.
You may add vegetables like cucumber, avocado, lettuce, meat like beef, Teriyaki Chicken, or some daily like tamagoyaki omelette, etc etc.
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