Updated: August 11, 2016
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A Three-Hour ‘SAMURAI TRIP’ Now Available In Tokyo

A compact program that you can experience a Japanese traditional martial art in Tokyo. The ‘SAMURAI TRIP’ service, provides foreign travelers an opportunity in Tokyo to easily experience Kendo, a part of traditional Samurai culture.

Have A Fun And Know About The Samurai Spirit

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Kendo is one of the most popular Japanese martial arts, and you will be learning in the ‘SAMURAI TRIP’ about its basic techniques, carriages and etiquettes as well as its most important aspects of ‘Ningen Keisei’ or human developments/ improvements through this training.

A three-hour session consists of four parts: 1) Wearing Samurai armors, 2) Learning about Samurai spirits, etiquettes and carriages, 3) Striking practices, and 4) Joining the real matches.
For foreign travelers who wish to experience Samurai culture during their stays in Tokyo, English-speaking instructors who have full of knowledges and experiences will conduct the sessions.
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Kendo originated in the early 17th century as a part of traditional swordsmanship training called Shinai Uchikomi Geiko.
Practitioners use bamboo swords as an abstraction of the Japanese Katana and wear protective armors which consist of men (head protector), kote (arm protector), do (abdomen protector) and tare (lower body protector).

The participants in the ‘SAMURAI TRIP’ also wear these armors, experience mental and technical aspects of Kendo trainings and finally go into the real matches.
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Introduction Of The Instructors

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In the ‘SAMURAI TRIP’ program, participants will experience various aspects of authentic Kendo with English-speaking instructors holding grades.

Kenshi Nagamatsu, the founder of ‘SAMURAI TRIP’, is a well-experienced swordsman who started practicing Kendo at five years and has good records in big competitions.
After graduating from Keio University, he was originally working at the Japan’s biggest investment banking company, but after years, he decided out of his love for Kendo to start ‘SAMURAI TRIP’ and introduce it further throughout the world.
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Abul Hasan Johari, the tour guide of ‘SAMURAI TRIP’ also decided out of his passions for Kendo to join the team, while doing his Ph.D. in Keio University in Analog Semiconductor. He represented his home country Malaysia in the 2015 World Kendo Championship.
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