Updated: August 11, 2016
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Four Seasons In A Japanese Beautiful Mountain

August 11 is a public holiday: Mountain Day. It is the new Japanese holiday which has started in 2016. A mountain in which season would you like to climb?

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Mount Myōkō
Retina pixta 5883185 l
Oze Marshland
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Mount Kirigamine
Retina pixta 23095418 l
Lake Taisho in Kamikōchi
Retina pixta 21534388 l2
Mount Mitsumatarenge
Retina pixta 21433770 l
Mount Kasa
Retina pixta 23198313 l
The Japanese Alps
Retina pixta 17175065 l
Lake Mikuriga
Retina pixta 23252356 l
Mount Ichinokura
Retina pixta 13711748 l
Oze Marshland
Retina pixta 17411337 l
Mount Chausu
Retina pixta 12728340 l
Retina pixta 22579366 l
Mount Kannon
Retina pixta 19227998 l
Mount Hōō
Retina pixta 10276422 l
Mount Asama

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