Updated: November 01, 2016
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3 Best Japanese Toppings To Make Plain Rice Miraculously Delicious

You know how the rice tastes like, right? It tastes slightly sweet, yet basically it doesn't have any taste. The Japanese eat rice with some toppings like Furikake, Pickles, and Seaweed.

#1 Furikake

You might wonder, "what's Furikake?"
Furikake is a dry seasoning meant to be sprinkled on top of cooked rice.
It typically consists of a mixture of dried and ground fish, sesame seeds, chopped seaweed, sugar, salt,and so on.
Since rice has a plain simple taste, tasty and slightly salty furikake makes it miraculously delicious.
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#2 Japanese Pickles

If you have ever ordered a Japanese set meal, you might have seen what Japanese pickles are.
Japanese people love to eat Japanese pickles called, "tsukemono" a lot.
The reason why tsukemono is served along with the set meal is simple.
Tsukemono go perfect with a bowl of white rice.
Salt pickles, rice bran pickels, umeboshi the pickled plum are the three best popular ones.
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#3 Seaweed

There are various kinds of seaweed in Japan.
The best example is nori or seaweed sheet.
Usually it doesn't taste much, but by adding soy sauce along with
The seaweed sheet, it gets delicious and goes perfect with rice.
Also, flavoured seaweed called, "Ajitsuke Nori", is tasty and delicious with a simple and plain taste of rice.
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