Updated: October 19, 2016
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Sazae San Syndrome: Japanese Version Of Blue Monday

Sazae San is a Japanese popular anime that is usually aired in the Sunday evening. Sazae San itself is a family comedy. But why does the anime makes the viewer in a blue mode? Here's why!

What's Sazae San?

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Sazae San is one of the longest running anime in history.
It has been aired on Sunday from 6:30 to 7 p.m.
The heroine is Sazae San who is a liberated woman and very charming Japanese house wife.
The anime is about a family comedy interacted with many local people in the community.
It shows about the traditional Japanese family.
For instance, mother and father wear kimono.
Kids sit up straight in the correct manner.
Plus, most of the Japanese kids have grown up with this anime.
And almost every single Japanese knows what the anime is.

Why Is It Linked to A Blue Monday Syndrome?

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OK. Now we have got the basic knowledge about Sazae San.
But why is it linked to a blue Monday syndrome?

For those who enjoyed weekends and kind of wait pessimistically for the new days starting next day, this anime may become pretty much depressing.
Once the ending song starts to inform the end of episodes, people start to think and may sigh
"Sunday is OVER!"
Yes, the anime itself doesn't do anything wrong, but Sazae San can be a Sunday symbol to let them know "The play time is over. Now get back to work(or school) tomorrow."

How Can You Prevent The Syndrome?

I used to be one of the victims.
I mean I was in the Sazae San's Sunday trap to make myself blue.
I rarely turn on the anime but instead do something else to deny the fact that Sunday is over.

But still sometimes I watch Sazae San to feel what the traditional Japanese family has been like.
It brings the viewers some nostalgic feelings because the Japanese family is now changing into a new different life style.

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