Updated: October 19, 2016
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5 Tips To Maximize Your Travel To Japan

Japan is a small country, but when you visit Japan, you'll find it's quite interesting for sure. But just wondering around isn't so much fun, here is how to maximize your travel to Japan.

1. Eat Japanese Soul Food!

Sushi, sashimi, tempura, unagi, okonomiyaki, sukiyaki, shabu shabu, ramen...
There's so much to eat and enjoy in Japan.
Everywhere you go, you can find a place to eat delicious meal.
Pick whatever you love and enjoy the Japanese soul food!
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2. Ride On Train, Subway, Shinkansen!

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The Japanese train system is almost crazy and confusing. Yet it's worthwhile to try for sure.
Especially, Tokyo's underground is almost like a maze and even the local people sometimes get lost.
Don't forget to purchase and bring your IC card like Suica and Pasmo for the convenience.
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IC card for public transportation is a must item to make your ride and transit easier!

3. Join In The Local Events And Festivals

You may encounter the local events as well as festivals.
In every season, there are lots of festivals and events at shrines, temples, and big city parks.
In spring, the blossom viewing is awesome.
In summer, firework festivals are amazingly beautiful.
In autumn, seeing the colors of leaves is amazing.
In winter, snow festivals are lively held in the winter land of Hokkaido.
If you can stop by and see what's going on, then your travel will become so much fun.
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4. Enjoy Night Life!

Seeing the beautiful night view, singing at karaoke room, having drinks at izakaya bars...
If you visit Japan, definitely you should enjoy the night life!
The night view of a big city is like a starry sky fallen above to the ground.
Singing with your friends at the karaoke room must be so much fun.
Tasting good food and drinks at izakaya bars can fully satisfy your hungry stomach.
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5. Learn About The Japanese Culture!

It's definitely fun to learn the different culture.
The Japanese culture is, needless to say, interesting and unique.
From ancient traditional culture to the modern pop culture, there's so much to learn and experience the uniqueness!
The old and new, the blended culture is quite something to see.
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