Updated: October 19, 2016
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9 Japanese Standard Homemade Meals

Do you know what Japanese people usually eat at home except for rice? Of course, it really depends on the person, but there are some standard homemade dishes in Japan. Let's take a look.

#1 Nikujaga / 肉じゃが

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Nikujaga is one of the most loved dishes and the taste reminds one of "Mom's cooking". It is even considered as an essential recipe that Japanese women must know before their marriage.
It consists of meat, potatoes and onion stewed in sweetened soy sauce, sometimes with konnyaku noodle and vegetables. Potatoes make up the bulk of the dish, with meat mostly serving as a source of flavor.

#2 Curry and Rice / カレーライス

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Everyone knows that curry is originally from India. However, it turned into Japanese style curry when it came into Japan via England.
“Kare”, is how you pronounce "Curry" in Japanese, and it really is one of the most popular dishes in Japan because it's easy to cook at home. Most people use instant curry powder when they cook at home, which tastes really good.

#3 Miso Soup / 味噌汁

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This seemingly simple soup is made from a very traditional Japanese fish stock called Dashi and Miso paste, with other ingredients varying depending on the region, the season, and ultimately personal preference. It is said that every house has different tastes.

#4 Omurice / オムライス

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Omurice, is a Japanese made-up word which came from French word 'omelette' and English word 'rice'. As its name says, it consists of omelette and fried rice topped with ketchup.
You can find omurice in Japanese yoshoku restaurants or maid cafe.

#5 Deep Fried Shrimp / エビフライ

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Deep fried shrimp, called "ebifurai" in Japanese, is also a very popular homemade Japanese dish. It's often eaten with tartar sauce.

#6 Hamburg Steak / ハンバーグ

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It takes a little time to make hamburg steak, but it's one of the representative food of Japanese homemade meals. Also, you can find many restaurants that serve the hamburg steak in Japan.

#7 Spaghetti Napolitan / ナポリタン

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The name 'Spaghetti Napolitan' sounds similar to Spaghetti Napolitana, which uses Napolitana tomato-based sauce.
The difference is that Japanese Napolitan uses tomato ketchup, green pepper, onions, and sausages. Some people puts tabasco sauce and powdered cheese on it. It's very easy and good.

#8 Karaage / 唐揚げ

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Karaage is always great no matter where you eat. Karaage is popular Japanese deep fried chicken. There are a lot of different types of karaage. Homemade karaage is absolutely different from the one you buy somewhere in a good way.

#9 Gratin / グラタン

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Gratin is originally from France. It generally consists of béchamel sauce, vegetables, and seafood or chicken. It's like doria without rice. Many Japanese people cook gratin in winter.

Why not sushi...?

FYI, Japanese people don't make sushi on their own. They just buy sushi at a supermarket and eat at home. Plus, sushi is eaten usually for the special occasions like birthday. Japanese don't eat sushi as often as you expect.

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