Updated: November 01, 2016
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3 Reasons Why It Is That Awesome To Visit Japan In Autumn

Which season do you think it's the best to visit Japan? Every season is the best actually! However, autumn may be the best to enjoy your travel. Here's why autumn is the best time to visit Japan!

1. Autumn Colors

Traveling Japan is the best when sakura blossoms bloom, you may think.
Yes, indeed, it's the most beautiful time of the year.
Most beautiful and everyone even in Japan gets excited cherry blossom viewing called "ohanami."
However, when the leaves turn to color beautiful red, yellow, light brown, visitors definitely can enjoy the beautiful autumn colors.
There are various sightseeing spots for autumn colors viewing.
Unlike hanami, viewers do not have any messy and noisy party, but just enjoy the serene scene of beautiful colors of Japanese autumn.
Grab your camera and why don't you head out to take some beautiful photos?
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Isn't it simply breath taking to view the vivid red of autumn leaves?

2. Various Delicious Food To Enjoy

In Japanese common phrase, "Shokuyoku No Ak" Or "Autumn Is For Hungry Appetite."
That means, during autumn, there are various kinds of food to enjoy.
Autumn is the very best to enjoy delicious seasonal ingredients and dishes.
The best examples are food served with mushroom, grilled pacific saury(sanma), deserts with chestnuts, and so much more!
If you are a fan of Japanese food, autumn is definitely the best season to enjoy seasonal cuisine.
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Grilled pacific saury called sanma is super delicious to enjoy during the winter! I love this fish a lot and I almost eat sanma once in a week during the season!

3. The Weather Is Super Nice

OK. You experienced typhoon storm when you visit Japan in autumn?
Forget it. Yes, in fact, typhoon is more likely to hit early to late September, but after that, the weather gets stable and the sky is perfect blue with a beautiful sunshine of autumn.
The hot and humid summer disappears and the autumn's sweet but chilly breeze touch your cheek.
The sense of autumn air, the scent of the fall makes you fully replenished and relaxed.
This is why, autumn is the best to enjoy without any hassles, frustrations, and stressors.
Since the weather is super nice, you may enjoy picnic at highlands or parks to see the beautiful landscape.
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