Updated: October 19, 2016
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5 Best Cuisine You Don't Want To Miss In Kyushu

Have you ever visited Kyushu before? Kyushu is located at the southern westerly of Japan islands with rich soil and agriculture. Here is 5 best unique Kyushu cuisine you should try out in Japan!

1. Hakata Ramen (Fukuoka)

When it comes to Kyushu food, you just can't miss Hakata Ramen!
Relatively thin noodles with white pork broth and various toppings such as tender slices of delirious char siu pork, chopped scallions, and pickled gingers.
Hakata ramen is one of the top three popular ramen in Japan.
Of course, you can eat this ramen at food stalls in Fukuoka!
I'm pretty sure that it's amazingly delicious and fun to eat.
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Hot and amazingly delicious soup broth goes perfect with the hard and thin noodles!

2. Champon(Nagasaki)

Have you ever heard of Champon from Nagasaki before?
It's weird name, isn't it?
It's another white soup broth, but very different from Hakata Ramen.
Champon means mixing various ingredients in Japanese.
Hence there are various kinds of ingredients such as bean sprouts, kamaboko fish cakes, sea food, pork added as delicious toppings!
The pork and chicken broth makes the noodles more delicious and exquisite.
If you have ever chance to visit Nagasaki, you definitely should try out this unique yet original taste of champon!
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Nasagaki's exquisite taste of Champon ramen makes your hungry stomach fully satisfied!

3. Chicken Nanban (Miyazaki)

If you have ever a chance to visit Miyazaki pref, you definitely try out chicken nanban since Miyazaki is famously known as delicious chicken produce.
Chicken nanban is crispy and crunchy outside yet juicy and sweet inside with a special sauce called, "tartar sauce."
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Chicken from Miyazaki is super duper delicious. Why don't you try out this unique Miyazaki dish and enjoy the exquisite taste of chicken with tar tar sauce?

4. Kagoshima Pork (Kagoshima)

When it comes to pork in Kyushu, definitely Kagoshima's black pork is famous and popular in Japan.
Kagoshima's black pork is one of Japanese pork brands, and many people enjoy the taste in Shabu Shabu, Tonkatsu, steaks, etc.
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The taste of Kagoshima pork is extremely soft. And its lighter taste and smooth texture goes amazingly delicious with Japanese cuisine!

5. Ikinari Dango (Kumamoto)

In the last, here is Ikinari Dango to introduce as a sweet after all the delicious course of Kyushu cuisine. Ikinari Dango is a steamed bun with bean jam and sweet potato filling. Ikinari dango is created by cutting sweet potatoes into thick slices, slathering each one with sweetened red bean paste, and then wrapping them in mochi. Once finally steamed, the harmony of three distinct textures—the sweet potato, the bean paste and the mochi—comes together in every bite.
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Ikinari Dango goes perfect with matcha and Japanese green tea!

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