Updated: February 20, 2017
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Shinjuku Golden Gai: Where You Will See Japanese Happy Drunkards In Tokyo

Visiting Tokyo? Wanna have some drinks and enjoy the time? Wanna get connected to get locals? Shinjuku Golden Gai is the best place to make your night wonderful. Here is why and some introduction.

What's Shunjuku Golden Gai?

If you are not familiar with Golden Gai, you have no idea what it is.
It's a small small area of Tokyo where izakaya bars, eateries are located at in a six narrow streets in Shinjuku, near Kabukicho district. Street?
It's not even strictly street but more like alley.

There are various places to have drinks in Tokyo, yet Shinjuku Golden Gai is one of the districts to enjoy drinks in an English-friendly environment.
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More than 200 tiny bars are squeezed in Goden Gai area.

One Of The Best Place To Meet New People

Since there are over 200 bars, eateries, and clubs in this area, there are a large number of people gathering to have drinks.
Now that the area attracts more and more tourists around the world, visitors can meet not only locals but people from all over the world.
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If you have drinks with new people, you can make new friends, which makes your travel unforgettable!

A Unique Place Where Party People Get Toether

Golden Gai is pretty much unique and interesting place where party people get together.
Of course you can come with your friends, but even if you come alone and stop by, within the happy drunken atmosphere, you may get acquainted with various people.

Many of bars have their own theme - R&B, Jazz, Karaoke, and Rock-, so visitors may enjoy music as well.
It sounds very awesome to enjoy music while drinking, doesn't it?

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