Updated: October 19, 2016
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5 Common Japanese Homemade Bento Foods

Have you ever heard of Bento? The Japanese eat bento a lot for lunch. You can have bento lunch at convenience store, but homemade bento is the best. Here's 5 common Japanese bento foods.

What's Bento Really?

Bento is a small-portion takeout or home-packed meal very popular in Japanese food.
It's almost beautiful to see packed meal in a tiny lunch box.
You can have various kinds of bento meal at convenience stores, department stores, and supermarkets,
but of course, you can prepare,make foods and pack the meal into the lunch box at home.
There are many kinds of frozen bento foods at supermarkets, which is very convenient for a busy early morning.

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Make the lunch box cute to enjoy lunch time!

1. Tamagoyaki -Rolled Omelette-

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One of the best and popular bento foods is tamagoyaki or Japanese rolled omelette.
It's sweet and hearty soul food for the Japanese.

2. Karaage -Deep Fried Chiken-

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Everyone loves crispy and juicy taste of karaage or deep fried chicken.
Because of that, a lot of bento contains this delicious food.
Frozen karaage is also available at supermarkets, so it's easy to cook even in the busy early morning!

3. Sausages

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Sausages are very common and popular for a bento meal.
Octopus shaped sausages called "Tako-san Wiener" is pretty much popular.
It's too cute to eat them up, isn't it?

4. Ebi Fry -Fried Prawn-

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Juicy and crispy-crunchy fried prawn is another popular bento food.
From kids to grown-ups, the Japanese love ebi fry a lot.

5. Yakizakana - Grilled Fish -

The most concerns about a bento meal is its nutrition.
Karaage and other deep fried foods contain higher calorie, fat, and carbs.
If you put salted salmon or other grilled fish, you can eat less calorie with more nutrition.
And it's delicious and goes perfect with white rice.
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In The Last...

In the last, don't forget rice to bring with you!
It's the most important for a Japanese bento!
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