Updated: October 19, 2016
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9 Facts About Tokyo Which Aren't Very Surprising But Good To Know

Everybody knows Tokyo, the capital of Japan. But what do you know about Tokyo other than that?

#1 Tokyo is the world most populous city

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Tokyo metropolitan area has about 38 million people. And it's by far the most populous in the world.

#2 But it is very clean

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Even though Tokyo has that many people, the streets are always very clean.

#3 Tokyo is the place where the latest Japanese fashion is born

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Harajuku is the place where you can find those "fashionable" people.
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#4 Every popular Japanese food can be found in Tokyo

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The best sushi in the world.
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And ramen from all the regions of Japan.

#5 People walk like machines

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People in Tokyo are the professional walkers. They can walk very fast without bumping into anyone even while using their phones.

#6 Tokyo Disney Land is not in Tokyo

672 main visual name 1 http://www.tokyodisneyresort.jp/en/tdl/
It's located in Chiba prefecture, next to Tokyo.

#7 New Tokyo International Airport either...

800px the night view of tokyo narita airport terminal 1 https://goo.gl/Ayx5Km
Also in Chiba.

#8 Tokyo has the most complicated railway system

Tokyosubway https://goo.gl/cSA3J8
Wonder how people don't get lost? Well, it's not very difficult if you have an app, like Hyperdia or Navitime.

#9 Though almost all the trains are on time

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What you have to do is following the app. And you won't miss the trains.

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