Updated: October 27, 2016
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5 Places You Will Totally Get Amazed By The Autumn Colors In Japan

The season of beautifully colored leaves is coming in Japan. It depends on the place, but you can basically see the great views in many places from the middle of October to December.

#1 Zenrin-ji / 禅林寺 in Kyoto

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Kyoto is by far the best place to enjoy Japanese autumn color. There are so many temples, shrines, and traditional gardens which have beautiful colored trees in autumn.

And Zenrin-ji temple is one of the best places in Kyoto. There are more than 3000 maple trees in the site.
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#2 Yōrō Valley / 養老渓谷 in Chiba

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For hikers, Yoro Valley would be the best place because there are several different hiking courses there. Since Chiba is next to Tokyo, you can go on a day trip to Yoro Valley from Tokyo. You can also enjoy the view of some waterfalls.
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#3 Miyajima / 宮島 in Hiroshima

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Miyajima always gets so many tourists from all over Japan and the world because of the famous shrine, called Itsukushima Shrine. But Miyajima has much more attractions other than the shrine. Autumn color is the one.

The combination of the old street and atmosphere of Miyajima and the colored trees creates the breathtaking views. Also, there are many deer in Miyajima. They really fit in autumn colors.
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#4 Entsu-in / 円通院 in Miyagi

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Entsu-in is a famous temple in Miyagi. The view of all the autumn colors is great in day time. But the trees are lit up at night, and it's even more beautiful.
You may have to make a line to get in the place because so many people visit in autumn.
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#5 Hakone / 箱根 in Kanagawa

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Hakone is the best place if you also want to enjoy onsen(hot springs). There are many hotels with amazing onsen.
Also, you can go hiking and enjoy the great red and yellow mountain views in Hakone. Plus, you can see Mt. Fuji when the weather is good.
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