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4 Guides To See How Much You Need In Travel To Japan

Everybody thinks Japan is a super expensive place to travel, but nobody knows exactly how much the things are. Read this article and make a plan to visit Japan! The plane ticket is not concerned here.

#1 Food

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It depends on the restaurnt and how much you eat. But you can find a good and reasonable sushi restaurant even in Tokyo.

・Sushi at an average supermarket: about 500-1000 yen (5-10 USD) per package.

・Sushi at a rolling sushi restaurant: about 2000-4000 yen (20-40 USD) per person.

・Sushi at an authentic sushi restaurant: about 5000-20000 yen (50-200 USD) per person.
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Ramen restaurants are easier to find than sushi restaurants in Japan. It's not very expensive, but if you add many toppings like pork, or eggs it can be over 10 USD.

・Instant ramen: about 100-200 yen (1-2 USD).

・Ramen at a ramen restaurant: about 500-1000 yen (5-10 USD).

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The price of tempura widely varies depending on the quality. Usually, tempura bowl is the cheapest choice to eat tempura.

・Tempura at a cheap restaurant: about 500-1000 yen (5-10 USD).

・Tempura at an authentic restaurant: 2000-5000 yen (20-50 USD).

#2 Beverages

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Japanese people love beer more than sake. Many Japanese can't drink a lot, but they loke it anyway.

・Canned beer: about 150-300 yen (1.5-300 USD) per each.

・A glass of beer at izakaya(Japanese drinking restaurants): about 300-500 yen (3-5 USD).

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There's no way not trying sake in Japan. There are so many types and brands of sake. Find the one you like.

・A bottle of sake(24 fl.oz) at a supermarket: about 1000-5000 yen (10-50 USD).

・A cup of sake(6 fl.oz) at izakaya: about 500-1000 yen (5-10 USD).

An expensive bottle of sake can cost more than 200 USD!

#3 Rent & Accommodations

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If you want to study in Japan, you should know how much it cost to rent a room. It really depends where in Japan. The rent in Tokyo is so much more expensive than the one in others.

・Rent for a 10㎡ (about 100 square feet) room with a bathroom in the center of Tokyo: about 70,000-100,000 yen (700-1000 USD) per month.

・Rent for a 10㎡ (about 100 square feet) room with a bathroom in a suburban area near Tokyo: about 40,000-60,000 yen (400-600 USD) per month.

・Rent for an entire house in somewhere very countryside: about 20,000-50,000 yen (200-500 USD) per month.
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It's very important where you saty. If you want to experience Japanese traditional hotel, ryokan are the place. In some ryokan, you can just take the hot spring for 5 USD or something like that.

・Dormitory style hostel in Tokyo: about 1500-5000 yen (15-50 USD) per night.

・An average economy hotel in Tokyo: 7000-12000 yen (70-120 USD) per night.

・An authentic ryokan(Japanese traditional hotel) with natural hot spring bath: about 15,000-30,000 yen(150-300 USD) per night.

#4 Transportation

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The trains are not very expensive in Japan unless you move long distance. Although Shinkansen(bullet trains) are expensive, there is a special deal for foreign visitors. You should buy Japan Rail Pass if you want to visit more than two places in Japan.

・Local trains and metro in Tokyo: about 200-600 yen (2-6USD) for one way.

・Shinkansen from Tokyo to Osaka: about 13,000 yen (130 USD) for one way.

・Japan Rail Pass for Shinekansen: about 30,000 yen (300 USD) for one week free pass.
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When you visit a small cities in Japan, you will have to use the buses to save money. Also, you should use a night bus to go somowhere Shinkansen doesn't go.

・Usual local buses: 100-200 (1-2 USD) for one ride.

・Night bus from Tokyo to Osaka: about 2000-6000 (20-60 USD) for one way.
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Taxi is maybe the worst choice to travel in Japan because of the price. The minimum fare of the taxies in Tokyo is 710 yen (about 7 USD) although there're exceptions. You don't want to take taxies especially when you're alone.

・5km(3.1 miles) taxi travel in Toyko: 4000-5000 yen (40-50 USD).

What do you think?

Are they cheaper than you thought, or more expensive? Anyway, I hope this article helped you somehow. Japan is waiting for you!

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