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This is developing Japanese Ramen

You know Ramen came from China,but now all Japanese like Ramen. It developed various types to find tastes that Japanese like. And then, Ramen became representative Japanese food.

What is Ramen?

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Ramen is a Japanese noodle soup dish. It consists Chinese noodle, soup that made by broths of meat or fish and sometimes uses sliced pork, seaweed, green onion as toppings. There are lots of Ramen shops in Japan. The price is very cheap, so especially young people like to eat Ramen.

Ordinary Ramen

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Shoyu Ramen
It uses soy source as broth.
It is the most famous flavor in Japan.
Soy source is familiar to Japanese, so Shoyu Ramen is the most standard.
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Miso RamenIt uses miso as broth. It was born in Sapporo,Hokkaido.Many people use corn or butter as topping.It is also famous for Japanese.
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Shio Ramen
It uses salt as broth.
It is said that Shio Ramen is the oldest Ramen in Japan.So it has long history.
Its taste is plain, so it is easy to eat for women.
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Tonkotsu Ramen
It uses pork bone as broth.
It is famous in Kyusyu area.
It is a little greasy, but addictive taste.

New Types of Ramen

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Ramen Jiro ラーメン二郎
People who looks it at first may think, What is this? Is it Ramen?
Of course, it is Ramen,too. It is a new type Japanese Ramen. The visual gives you big impact and surprise because it is very different from four Ramen.
The different point is topping. It uses lots of Bean sprout, Cabbage, big sliced pork, Garlic and Lard. The soup is mixed Tonkotsu broth and Shoyu broth. This Ramen is very popular among young people and men because we can choose amount of vegetables and lard and kinds of noodle.
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Iekei Ramen 家系ラーメン
It was born in Yokohama, Kanagawa. The name came from Yoshimuraya 吉村家.
The soup is mixed tokonkotsu broth, chicken bone, and soy source. Used topping is Spinach, boiled egg and seaweed.
Many people are affected the Ramen, there are many shops of Iekei Ramen around Japan.

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