Updated: November 12, 2016
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10 Most Common Japanese People's Hobbies

What do you like to do in your free time? Here in Japan, many people have their hobbies. Let's see what Japanese people like to do! Not really special, though.

#1 Cooking

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Many Japanese ladies like cooking. Of course, there are a lot of men who like cooking, but more women tend to have a chance to cook in Japan because there is still old culture which is like men should work and women should do housework.

And actually, cooking is popular as a hobby because it's fun(for some people) and very helpful in your life. Some ladies starts learning cooking because most Japanese men like a girl who is good at cooking.

#2 Knitting

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This is also popular among ladies. It's a very productive hobby.
The reason why knitting is popular is it's easy to start. You don't need many things to start knitting.

#3 Drawing

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If you imagine serious illustrating like drawing manga, it's not like that. For Japanese people, illustrating is more like just scribbling. More people are starting illustrating with PC and pen tablet these days.
Actually, it's getting easier to become a famous manga drawer in Japan. There are many manga apps and websites coming out and amateur artist can easily publish their work.

#4 Walking

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I'm not so sure if you consider it as a hobby, but many Japanese people like walking. Although here are also a lot of people who prefer jogging, walking can be enjoyed by old people too. That's one of the reasons why walking is popular in Japan.

#5 Playing the piano

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I don't know what instrument is popular in your country, but the piano is the one many Japanese people can play. Many of the people who can play the piano learned how to play when they were kids because of their parents' will.

#6 Watching movies

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Although it's getting more and more expensive to watch a movie at a theater(around 15 USD), there are many people who go to the theaters very often. Such people usually like to make a review or criticize.

#7 Playing games

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As you know, Japan is the land of amazing games! Of course, most kids play games like Nintendo series, and also there are many adults who can't stop their love. For them, PC games are more common because they have a lot more of money than when they were young. There's no limit to pouring money on PC games...

#8 Reading books/manga

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Reading is a worldwide hobby I suppose. What about reading manga? It's actually becoming common in certain areas of the world. French people consume manga second the most in the world. Also, it's getting popular in a lot of Asian countries.

#9 Learning languages

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A number of Japanese people are learning foreign languages like English, French, Spanish and whatnot. However, they usually just learn how to read and write and don't know how to speak and communicate.
It's partly because of the Japanese education. Even though most Japanese people take English classes for at least 6 years, 95% of them can't get enough skill to communicate in English.

#10 Traveling

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Maybe Japanese people don't travel abroad a lot compared to the people in other countries, but they like to travel in Japan. Japan has 47 prefectures, and each has different attractions. It fascinates the people to travel domestically.

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