Updated: January 15, 2017
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5 Global Restaurant Chains From Japan

Japanese cuisine is a multi-sensory treat - it looks pretty and packs a punch with its umami. No wonder many Japanese food chains have expanded overseas! Here are 5 tasty chains that have made it big:

1. Mos Burger

Mos Burger has a catchy acronym, Mos, which means "Mountain, Ocean, Sun". Indeed, its burgers are made with fresh ingredients carefully cultivated by farmers working in tandem with Mother Nature. Be sure to tuck into its Lettuce Burger, in which fresh lettuce is used to wrap the burger. Or you can savor the awesome pairing of rice and seafood in the form of a Seafood Kakiage Burger!

These days, food lovers in Australia and many Southeast Asian countries can enjoy a wholesome and delectable meal at Mos Burger in their home country.
Mos burger https://commons.m.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Mos_Burger.jpg
Mos Burger epitomizes the concept of nutritious and reasonably-priced fast food

2. Yoshinoya

Wagyu (Japanese beef) is renowned the world over for its exquisite taste, but it can be costly. Thanks to Yoshinoya, a beef bowl restaurant that was established in 1899, you can have a scrumptious bowl of gyudon (beef bowl rice) for less than 500 yen! It's about 5 USD.
As cheap as it may be, its quality does not suffer, for this gyudon comes with onions simmered in a flavorful sauce flavored with mirin (rice wine) and dashi (fish soup stock). Itadakimasu!

Yoshinoya has about 1200 outlets around the world, including Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and even the USA.
Gyudon by jetalone in higashi ginza%2c tokyo https://goo.gl/b8UtxS
A succulent gyudon bowl from Yoshinoya

3. Ajisen Ramen

Ramen is a quintessential part of Japanese cuisine, and Tonkotsu (pork broth) ramen - a variety of ramen in Kyushu - has won the hearts of many gourmet fans. They swear by its rich, robust flavor, succulent char siew (pork) slices and melt-in-your-mouth onsen egg!

This is surely why Ajisen Ramen, a ramen chain from Kumamoto Prefecture, is a hit with international audiences as it has over 700 stores in Australia, Canada, the USA, not forgetting Southeast Asian countries like Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.
Nanjing hunan road ajisen ramen https://goo.gl/vryMC4
Customers queuing up to enter an Ajisen Ramen store in China

4. Genki Sushi

Ah, sushi. Who wouldn't enjoy these delightful plates of culinary paradise being delivered to you via shinkansen bullet trains on a conveyor belt system? This helps ensure that you eat up freshly made sushi shortly after you place your order!

Make your way to Genki Sushi which will captivate your attention and delight your taste buds in Hong Kong, the Philippines, the USA and even Kuwait!
Genkisg https://goo.gl/LYpByS
As its name suggests, Genki Sushi will give you lots of energy!

5. Dotonbori Okonomiyaki

There may come a time when you just want to try your hand at making Japanese food yourself. When such an urge seizes you, why not go to an okonomiyaki restaurant where you can grill your own pancake that consists of bean sprouts, cabbages, meat, eggs and noodles? Half the fun is flipping over your okonomiyaki to grill the other side; the other half is spreading mayonnaise all over it and digging into your creation!

Boasting shops all over Japan and in Taiwan, Thailand and the Philippines. Dotonbori Okonomiyaki is a great place to enjoy okonomiyaki.
Okonomiyaki dotonbori in sendai tenjinsawa https://goo.gl/Fbjqkz
Dotonbori Okonomiyaki beckons its customers over
From gyudon and sushi to ramen, okonomiyaki and even fast food, Japanese food chains are not just gaining flavor with the Japanese but are also making a name for themselves internationally. Now you know where you can enjoy authentic Japanese food in foreign countries!

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