Updated: December 05, 2016
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10 Japanese Slangs Which Young People Use Everyday In Japan

Here are the 10 latest Japanese slangs. Very very casual. Many adults don't even understand. You might have heard some of these in anime.

#1 Sorena / それな

Means "I agree" or "True that", or something like that.

Sorena is often used by university students in Japan. It literally means "It is".

e.g. A:めっちゃおなかすいた。(I'm so hungry.)
B:それな。(Me too.)
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#2 Tsuratan / つらたん

Means "tough", "hard" or "harsh".

Tsuratan is the slang of tsurai(つらい). I don't know why but there are many of similar words, like yabatan for yabai or kawatan for kawaii.

e.g. きょうのじゅぎょうまじつらたんだわ。(The class is too tough today.)
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#3 Disuru / ディスる

Means "dis".

This word actually came from English as you notice.

e.g. せんせいをディスる。(We dis our teacher.)

#4 Kamitteru / かみってる

Means "awesome" or "amazing".

Kami means god in Japanese. Kamitteru is the word to describe that something is good like a god.

e.g. A:てすとまんてんだったわ。(I aced the test.)
B:それはかみってるね。(That's awesome.)
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#5 Byode / びょうで

Means "immediately" or "right away".

Byo means a second in Japanese. So, it literally means "in a second", but this expression is only used by young people in Japan.

e.g. びょうできて。(Come right away.)
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#6 Ryo / りょ

Means "Ok" or "I got it".

Ryo is an abbreviation for ryokai, which means "OK". It can be even り(Ri) sometimes.

e.g. A:あしたがっこうやすみだよ。(The school is off tomorrow.)
B:りょ。(Got it.)

#7 Emoi / エモい

Emoi is the word used when someone feels nostalgic or emotional.

The word emo comes from emotion. And i(い) makes it an adjective. Actually, this word is made very recently, and many people use it in their own ways. It's always used in a good way.

e.g. このきょくまじエモいわ。(This song is really good.)
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#8 Jiwaru / じわる

Jiwaru is used when something gets gradually funny. Like when you saw a PPAP video, it's not so funny at first, but the more you watch the funnier you feel.

There is a word "jiwajiwa" in Japanese, means "gradually". And again, Japanese people like to abbreviate any words...

e.g. あいつのかおみてるとじわるんだけど。(That guy's face makes me laugh.)

#9 Honsore / ほんそれ

Means "Totally agreed".

Abbreviation for "Hontosore"(ほんとそれ). Almost same as sorena.

e.g. A:まじあつい。(It's hot.)
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#10 Ganda / ガンダ

Means "a dead sprint".

It's also an abbreviation. The original word is Gun-Dash.

e.g. あいつのガンダまじはえーわ。(His dead sprint is super fast.)
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