Updated: December 08, 2016
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8 Not Well-known But Definitely Stunning Places In Japan

Japan has a lot of beautiful nature in its small land. However, even Japanese people don't realize much about it. Here are the eight amazing places to fully enjoy the beauty of Japan.

#1 Blue Pond in Hokkaido

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Called "Aoi Ike"(青い池) in Japanese.

Because it's located in the huge forest of Hokkaido, it's found in 1997. Since then, it's been a famous place for photographers.

#2 Frost covered trees of Zao in Yamagata

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Those white objects in the picture are all trees. You can see such a great view because the height of the trees is not very tall.

#3 Moss phlox in Higashi Mokoto Park in Hokkaido

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There are some places you can see beautiful moss phlox in Japan, but this park is the best.

#4 The Farthest Beach in Okinawa

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Called Hate no Hama(ハテの浜)in Japanese.

This is a desert island in Okinawa. Know as one of the most beautiful beaches in Japan.

#5 Sagano Bamboo Grove in Kyoto

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Called "Chikurin no Michi"(竹林の道) in Japanese.

The road is located in a popular tourist area called Arashiyama. It has about 200m(650ft) long.

#6 Lake Okama in Miyagi

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Lake Okama is a crater lake in Zao mountains in Miyagi. The color of the water changes depending on the temperature of the water.

#7 Natural Whirlpools in Tokushima

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You can often see the whirlpools on the Naruto Strait in Tokushima.

#8 Nabegadaki Waterfall in Kumamoto

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As you can see in the picture, you can go inside of the waterfall. It's so beautiful when the sunlight pours.

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