Updated: January 15, 2017
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Make Your Original “iMessage Sticker” From Your Hand-Drawn Illustration

"Shuttle Sticker for iMessage" is now available on the App Store. With this iPhone app, users can create an iMessage Sticker so easily just by taking a picture of a hand-drawn illustration. No need to use a scanner or PC.

Shuttle Sticker for iMessage

Kobe - December 15, 2016 - LIVE2LOVE JAPAN INC. has started distribution of “Shuttle Sticker for iMessage” on the App Store for iMessage on December 13, 2016.

With this iPhone app, users can create an iMessage Sticker so easily just by taking a picture of a hand-drawn illustration and tapping it a few times. No need to use a scanner, a PC or Xcode, which is a development tool distributed by Apple. An iMessage Sticker can be made with a photo, too. There is no need to send applications to the App Store to send an iMessage Sticker made with this app on iMessage.

“Shuttle Sticker” was originally released on January 14th, 2016 as an app that enables users to make a LINE Sticker or a LINE Theme just by drawing an illustration. It has been used by approx. 120 thousand users till now. This time, the new version was launched with iMessage Sticker creation function.
00 https://valuepress.jp/pressrelease/255


-So easy!
All you have to do is taking a picture of an illustration or an object and tapping it a few times. You can create an iMessage Sticker, a LINE Sticker and a LINE Theme. With the auto-creation function of this app, complicated works such as resizing images to the specific size are unnecessary.

-Able to send the Sticker on iMesssage instantly
iMessage Sticker made with this app can be sent immediately without any application to the App Store. So anybody can enjoy creating and using his or her original stickers easily.

-LINE Sticker images and LINE Theme images can be applied as is
PNG files and ZIP files of LINE Sticker images & LINE Theme images created with this app can be used at the LINE Creators Application View.

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