Updated: January 20, 2017
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5 Hakata Dialect Words Which Don't Sound Like Japanese

Hakata-ben, a dialect widely spoken in Fukuoka, is said to be one of the cutest-sounding dialects in Japan. So why not learn some Hakata ben to see for yourself if this is true?

1. Suito

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Instead of "suki desu" in Standard Japanese, "suito" is what Hakata people say when they want to express their feelings for someone. Coupled with the "kabe-don" (wall-smack), you are sure to send a Fukuoka girl's heart racing when you say "suito" in a firm, soothing tone to her!

2. Yokabai

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In Standard Japanese, it's very common to say "ii desu ne" ("That's great!") as a way to affirm what another person tells you. In Hakata dialect, people say "yoka" and "bai" in place of "ii" and "desu" respectively. This gives rise to "yokabai", which is one of the most popular phrases used by Fukuoka people in their everyday lives. So use it yourself to create rapport with them!

3. Sekarashika

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"Sekarashika" is another ubiquitous word in Hakata dialect and means "noisy" and/or "annoying". It is such a common word that a popular idol group, HKT48, even named one of its singles "sekarashika"!

So with your Fukuoka acquaintances and friends, you can use it to jokingly ask them to shut up, just like how people in other parts of Japan would utter "urusai" - its equivalent in Standard Japanese.

4. Asobanne

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The Standard Japanese word for "play" - "asobu" - is frequently used when Japanese people want to invite someone out for gatherings or parties to have fun together. Why not add a dose of local flavor by saying "asobanne" ("play" in Hakata dialect) instead? Let's all "kanpai" (toast) to fun-inducing "asobanne"!

5. Bari

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Here's a cute-sounding word that will help you capture the hearts of Fukuoka guys and ladies: bari. It means "very" in Hakata dialect. So you can compliment a Fukuoka lady that she is "bari kawaii" (very cute). Similarly, you can make a Fukuoka guy's day by saying that he is "bari kakkoi" (very cool).
Don't you find the sounds of these Hakata dialect words simply adorable? Integrate them into your conversations to build lasting bonds with Fukuoka natives!

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