Updated: January 16, 2017
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5 Sensational Sightseeing Places In Shiretoko

Mention Hokkaido, and Sapporo springs to mind. But do you know you can immerse yourself in primeval forests and lose all your worries in Shiretoko? Here are 5 things you should check out!

1. Shiretoko Goko

140829 ichiko of shiretoko goko lakes hokkaido japan04s3 https://goo.gl/SpJCoU
One of Shiretoko's breathtaking 5 lakes
One of the reasons why Shiretoko was recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2005 must be because of its picturesque Goko (Five Lakes). Arresting your sight with pristine, clear waters and lush, majestic mountains, they also offer you the thrill of seeing wild animals in action!

2. Furepe Falls

140829 furepe falls shiretoko hokkaido japan01s3 https://goo.gl/NVafow
Come here and admire the "Maiden's Tears"
Trek for 20 minutes from the Shiretoko Nature Centre and you will be rewarded with the gorgeous sight of the waters from Furepe Falls gushing directly into the sea below. This place is also known as the "Maiden's Tears", perhaps because this scene evokes some melancholy. As to whether you think "Maiden's Tears" is an apt name, you got to go there and decide for yourself!

3. Utoro Town

Wild bear at shiretoko https://goo.gl/srcpAM
Watch brown bears in their natural habitat
Besides unspoiled natural scenery, Shiretoko also feasts your eyes by letting you encounter higuma (brown bears) eating and playing with each other along the shore. If this piques your interest, make your way down to Shiretoko's main town, Utoro, and sign up for a bear watching cruise. If Lady Luck shines your way, you may even be able to come across killer whales and dolphins!

4. Takinoue Park

Gregarious moss phlox in takinoue park%2c takinoue%2c hokkaido https://goo.gl/qlEkOV
This field of moss phlox will uplift your spirits
There's nothing like an expansive field of pretty flowers in bloom that will soothe your soul. Here at Takinoue town, you can immerse yourself in a sea of pink moss phlox from early May to early June. There are even white chairs located strategically along the path so that you can sit down and take Instagram-worthy selfies!

5. Utoro Onsen

Utoro onsen02n https://goo.gl/0X2Vyz
Therapeutic onsen waters await you!
After a long day of sightseeing, nothing beats dipping yourself in onsen waters and letting the warmth dissipate all your fatigue. What's more, Utoro Onsen boasts many open-air baths where you can take in the tranquil sea views of Okhotsk. Be sure to time your onsen visit properly so that you can admire the beautiful sunset!
Shiretoko really lets you savor the best of what Mother Nature has to offer: panoramic sea views, powerful mountain ranges and dynamic wildlife. But seeing is believing, so check out its unbridled beauty for yourself.

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