Updated: February 04, 2017
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5 Fascinating Characteristics Of Hokkaido People

Japan's charm lies in "kenminsei" (how people in different prefectures exhibit different characters). So let's learn about 5 "kenminsei" features of Hokkaido people so you can get close to them!


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Given Hokkaido's blooming agricultural and tourism industries, it is no surprise that Hokkaido people care a lot about conserving the environment as they work so closely with Mother Nature. As such, not only do they conscientiously separate garbage in their homes and offices, but they are also keen to learn the proper way of disposing rubbish whenever they visit other prefectures!

Open to new things

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The pioneering spirit is strong in Hokkaido people as they have the gumption to set up new enterprises and introduce new products. Indeed, Hokkaido people like to try out new products, so marketers, please take note: it may be a good idea to launch your product in Hokkaido first before you cast your net wider to the rest of Japan!

Prefectural pride

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Hokkaido people are known to be fiercely proud of their hometown, so mentioning how you find winter in Hokkaido to be warm or how you enjoy drinking "Ribbon Napolin" (a much-loved orange soda that originates from Hokkaido) is a sure way to create great rapport with them!


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Almost all the ancestors of Hokkaido people were immigrants who chose to settle down to live in Hokkaido since the Meiji era. Hence, there are no mansions that belong to influential families that have been around in Hokkaido for many generations. This gives rise to a tolerant attitude among Hokkaido people, as they are very accepting of outsiders. Something to think about if you wish to make Japan your future home?


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As Susukino - the lively entertainment district in Sapporo - testifies, Hokkaido people love to party together at pubs and restaurants. In fact, their tendency for consumption is legendary among the Japanese. So why not have a jolly good time with them by inviting them out for drinks or even jingisukan (a grilled mutton barbecue served with onions and bell peppers)?
There you go! Hokkaido people are eco-conscious, open to new things, proud of their prefecture, tolerant of outsiders and love social outings. Do make use of these 5 "kenminsei" characteristics to get close to them!

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