Updated: February 09, 2017
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5 Types Of Japanese Soup You Should Try

I guess you know miso soup, but what about other ones? There are many types of soup in Japan. Here are the best five Japanese soup.

#1 Miso Soup / 味噌汁

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As you expect, miso soup is the most popular type of soup in Japan. But there are various types of miso soup. Miso soup can be divided into three parts.

First, the broth also called dashi in Japanese. Dashi itself doesn't have much taste, but it gives the completion of the taste to the miso soup. Usually, dashi is made from Konbu(seaweed) or bonito.

Second, the miso which is a traditional Japanese seasoning produced by fermenting soybeans with salt and koji (the fungus Aspergillus oryzae) and sometimes rice, barley, or other ingredients. The result is a thick paste. Miso paste plays the most important role in the flavor of miso soup.

Third, the ingredients. Basically, you can put anything you want in miso soup. The taste of the soup changes depending on what you put. If you want a rich taste, pork makes the taste richer.

#2 Osuimono / お吸い物

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Osuimono is another popular type of Japanese soup based on dashi. Sault or soy sauce is used for the seasoning. It has simpler taste than miso soup, but you can enjoy the taste of the ingredients deeply. Osuimono is often served when you go to traditional Japanese restaurants.

#3 Hiyajiru / 冷汁

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Hiyajiru is a famous local food from Miyazaki prefecture in Kyushu. Although it is made of similar ingredients to miso soup, the taste is totally different. It's a lot thicker than miso soup because fish paste is used combined with miso.

Hiyajiru literally means "cold soup", so it's served cold. You can eat only the soup itself but also with hot rice.

#4 Zoni / 雑煮

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Zoni is a type soup that mainly uses Japanese mochi and other ingredients such as vegetables and mushrooms. The taste and ingredients differ from region to region.
For instance, while people who live in the eastern part of Japan like soy sauce-based soup with round shaped mochi, people in the western side prefer miso-based soup with square mochi.

Zoni is the special dish for New Years Day in Japan. You should try when you spend New Years in Japan.

#5 Oshiruko / おしるこ

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Oshiruko is a sweet porridge-ish soup of azuki beans(red beans) boiled and crushed, served in a bowl with mochi. There are different styles of oshiruko, such as oshiruko with chestnuts, or with glutinous rice flour dumplings instead of mochi.

It is loved by many Japanese during the cold winter. The half-melted sticky mochi and the sweet, warm red bean porridge is thought by many to be an absolute delight.

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