Updated: March 17, 2017
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3 Amazing Japanese Fashion Trends You Should Know

It's no secret that Japanese people are among the most stylish people in the world. What's more, they spearhead new trends, which keeps things exciting! Here are 3 awesome trends you should adopt.

#1 Rental fashion (レンタルファッション)

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Why spend your money on clothes and accessories when you can rent them at an affordable price? Introducing airCloset, an inspired service that allows you to coordinate your outfits from its wide range of fashion items for a reasonable subscription every month. Not only that, you can even rent branded bags from CHANEL and Louis Vuitton as well if you sign up with Laxus. Such wonderful services empower you to vary your look ever so often!

#2 Uniqlo Hidden (ユニ隠し, Yuni Kakushi)

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Uniqlo may have taken the globe by storm - with its minimalistic designs and superior quality clothes made from HEATTECH fabric - but trend-conscious young Japanese would rather others not find out that they are wearing Uniqlo products. Thus, this gives rise to the trend of "Yuni Kakushi", where people wear Uniqlo clothes as inner wear and branded clothes as outer wear. What a great way to combine comfort and sophisticated styling in one outfit!

#3 Beauty through omission (抜け感, Nukekan)

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When you are as immaculately dressed as the Japanese, you will want to bring your fashion prowess to the next level. Presently, the trend of "nukekan" is in vogue in Japan as people purposefully miss out something in their dress sense or make-up. This is so that they can flaunt their natural beauty to adoring on-lookers!
Fashion is all about experimentation, and perhaps you will like to try out these three trends so that you can add more oomph to your fashion sense. Gambatte kudasai!

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