Updated: March 26, 2017
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5 Japanese Egg-licious Dishes You Should Know

Eggs give you lots of proteins and even help you to lose weight. Not to mention these scrumptious Japanese egg dishes are to die for. Introducing 5 of them you should partake in!

#1 Tamagoyaki

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The quintessential dish in Japanese salarymen's bento boxes, tamagoyaki (fried egg) needs no introduction. A kind of omelette that is made by rolling several layers of cooked egg, it packs a sweet punch with mirin and soy sauce. You can also pair it with ingredients like nori (seaweed) or mentaiko (cod roe) to yield an extra boost of flavour!

#2 Oyakodon

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Which comes first, the chicken or the egg? In oyakodon, the answer to this question isn't as important as the fact that both chicken and eggs are simmered in an umami-rich broth before being served on top of a rice bowl. As both soy sauce and sugar are used in the broth, oyakodon entices your tastebuds with its balanced sweet-sour flavor!

#3 Omelette rice

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Fusing the best of Asian and Western cuisines, omelette rice is an inspired dish that combines the heavenly goodness of Asian-style fried rice and Western-style omelette, coupled with ketchup sauce. Sweet and savory, this dish hits your taste buds at all the right spots!

#4 Nitamago pan

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Nitamago refers to a soft-boiled egg that retains the juiciness of the yolk, a taste that has been enhanced with a soy sauce mix. Usually used to lift the flavor of ramen, it goes very well with bread and makes for the ideal comfort food.

#5 Tamago kakegohan

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Want to try your luck at making Japanese egg dishes but don't know which one to start with? Well, you can't go wrong with tamago kakegohan, because all you need to do is break an egg into a piping bowl of rice, mix some soy sauce, salt and even Ajinomoto (a Japanese brand of MSG) and voila! you can tuck into it. Divine yumminess at its simplest!
Are you salivating already? Quick, make your way to Japan and partake in these egg-licious dishes? Itadakimasu!

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