Updated: April 05, 2017
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"Foodion" A Social Networking App For Culinary Professionals

Foodion, a breakthrough social networking app for cooks, chefs, waiters, sommelier, and future culinary professionals!

Foodion allows culinary professionals to get inspired through sharing their daily thoughts and ideas about food, new trial menus and information on ingredients. Also, it enables them to connect with other industry professionals who have similar interests.

What you can do with Foodion

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You can post and share images related to ‘food’.
You can follow and connect with any famous chefs or industry professionals that you are interested in.
You can write/blog about food, products, events and so on.
You can read interviews with world class chefs which are delivered regularly.

Recommended for...

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Chefs on the forefront of the culinary world
Students who intend to become culinary professionals
Anyone who has a passion for food

How do you use it?

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Record and share new menus, services, ingredients and food tour experiences.
Build a network and use it to get information about your areas of interest.
Find inspiration to help shape your culinary career vision.
Learn about the lives and careers of culinary industry leaders.

Both are wonderful uses.
Foodion is available as a free download from the Apple app store.

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