Updated: April 16, 2017
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Learn These 5 Innovative Japanese Words

Japanese is an evolving language, and new words and phrases are coined by her people all the time. These words add an element of fun, so why not learn 5 such words so that you can spice up your chats?

#1 Hitokara (ヒトカラ)

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Karaoke - where you book a room and belt out tunes to your heart's content - is a great way to spend time with friends. But sometimes, you just want to relieve your stress on the spur of the moment. Or you want to practise certain songs first before singing them in front of others. You may also be too shy to sing in front of people in the first place.

Regardless of why you would rather sing karaoke alone, fret not. Japanese has a word called Hitokara (going to sing karaoke alone), so this normalizes how some people pursue karaoke as a solitary hobby!

#2 Emoi (エモい)

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Derived from the English word "emotion", emoi is adapted by Japanese people to describe the strong impact they feel when they encounter emotion-stirring songs or fashion items. Its meaning has since broadened to depict feelings of sadness and loneliness. Its use is so prevalent that it was nominated as the second most prominent new word in 2016!

#3 Aiueo (愛上男)

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Aiueo. The first thing you learn in Japanese classes as you gain the grasp of Hiragana. But do you know that young creative Japanese have used it to mean "a man who is skilled at romantic relationships"? This is because the kanji characters that convey this concept, 愛上男, can be read as Aiueo. Just as one would expect of the linguistically gifted Japanese who love wordplay!

#4 Legacy (レガシー)

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One of the fascinating things about Japanese is how it adapts English words to reflect the realities of Japanese realities. For instance, legacy refers to things that one receive from his ancestors in English but is used to denote more specific meanings in Japanese. With the 2020 Olympics looming, legacy has come to mean "public facilities that are built to meet the demands of the Olympics Games and will be left behind for future generations".

#5 Jiwaru (じわる)

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Have you ever been experienced a funny incident that did not have you roaring up loud in laugher but caused you to chuckle gradually later as you recalled it and felt your funny bone being tickled? If so, jiwaru - short for "jiwajiwakuru" - is the word for you to use in this situation! It's especially popular among high school students these days.
How do you feel about these 5 authentic uses of slang that you can never find in Japanese textbooks? Go on. Sprinkle them into your chats and impress your Japanese friends with just how "in" you are in regards to their use of language!

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